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The city of Chemnitz has so much to offer! At first glance, this is often not so easy to recognize and is hidden in the side streets. Many things are self-made and thrive on enthusiasm and commitment, at places that unexpectedly surprise you. All these initiatives, associations, and collectives are part of Chemnitz's diverse, self-made urban culture. During the STAUNT Festival, we want to present the faces behind the scenes, give them a stage, and together showcase what this city has to offer.

In the preparation phase, we research neighborhoods and, as a group, decide on three districts that we will then explore. Based on this, we visit the active participants on-site and try to understand the character of the neighborhood, which helps us to determine the theme for the day.

It is important to us that our program addresses various target groups. This means that we have different formats each day. For example, every day there is something to participate in, something to learn, something to listen to, something to eat, and something to move to. Additionally, the program includes a wide variety of topics and interests so that there is something for everyone.

Anyone who joins and comes by the STAUNT Festival will experience the classic "curbstone lobby" event style. This means: puns in event names are warmly welcomed, we treat each other with respect, and we have a certain attention to detail. One thing is certain: everything about the STAUNT Festival happens with a lot of love and a wink.

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