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Das Festival Center

Besides the many events at different locations in the neighborhood, we have our festival center - the DEZENTRALE. You can find us here every day of the festival. If you have questions or requests regarding an event, you can visit us at our info point.


At the DEZENTRALE, there's a program and small specials every day! Neighborhood walks start here, and a "Silent Disco" (headphone disco) and many other activities await you, such as writing postcards, answering questions about the neighborhood, or playing games.


A haven of peace and a meeting point! The DEZENTRALE is a place to relax, inviting you to engage in conversations while providing cool drinks at the bar. And watch out! Starting this year, you will find small festival merchandise at our DEZENTRALE.

Where do you find the Festival Center?

15.06. Parade: Karl-Marx-Kopf

16.06. Gablenz: KGV Sonnige Höhe, Frühlichtweg 27

22.06. Schloßchemnitz: Schloßberg, Schloßberg 11

23.06. Kappel: Ikarus Boulevard, Höhe Dr.-Salvador-Allende-Straße 32     (Grünfläche)

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