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On June 22nd, we'll visit the flamingos at the Schloßteich with you. Schloßchemnitz not only beckons for pedal boating and museum visits but especially with its diversity and variety of experiences. Historical city history and progressive future perspectives intersect, making this district a dynamic area between the past and modernity. With STAUNT, we navigate within this dynamic and embark on an experimental journey with you, from the skatepark across the pond to outer space and back. It'll be sporty, enjoyable, crafty, and urban.


Picnic on the Schlossteichinsel

09:00 - 11:00 Uhr 

Ort: Schloßteichpavillon 

Mit: CAFUNÉ, Subbotnik e.V. 

There will be waffles from Subbotnik e.V. and cakes from CAFUNÉ to kick off the day! The adult orchestra "orchestre amante" from the municipal music school Chemnitz will accompany the morning with a concert between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. Don't forget to bring a blanket! The food is vegan, and there will also be a gluten-free option. It's Accessible, bilingual, family-friendly.


Tim Plagemann8.jpg

Clothing Exchange: Swap, Repair, Customize

10:00 - 14:00 Uhr 

Ort: Konkordiapark 

Mit: Tante Ulla Umsonstladen, Hoffnung Sterin e.V., Fashion Revolution Day

Step out and join in! Here, you'll find everything a textile second-hand enthusiast needs: clothing from and for you, knowledge and tools for repairing your favorite pieces, and screen printing plates for new life on shirts, bags, and more.

Family-friendly, accessible, participatory, bilingual, WC

Foto: Tim Plagemann


Creative Together: Painting Walls with Lisa and Benjamin

10:00 - 14:00 Uhr 

Ort: Konkordiapark

Mit: Lisa Legain & Benjamin Butter

Lisa and Benjamin warmly invite you to a creative afternoon! Come by and watch walls being painted or create your own artwork in the urban space. Some materials will be provided on-site, but you'll need to bring your own special paints.

Family-friendly, participatory, bilingual, accessible, WC

Foto: Benjamin Butter

2024-06-12 11.54.11.jpg

Pedal Boats and Audio Stories on the Schloßteich 

11:00 - 13:00 Uhr 

Ort: Gondelstation Schloßteich

Mit: Radio T

Together with the Chemnitzer Hörspielinsel, the pedal boats will turn into "Listening Boats." At the gondola station, you'll not only get a boat under your feet but also headphones on your ears. Enjoy leisurely pedal boating while immersing yourself in storytelling worlds created by young audio drama artists. With stories in your ears, gliding across the Schloßteich is the best way to go!

Family-friendly, participatory

Foto: Sara Walter

DopamineJockeys 2b.png

Foto: [to:n]

Silent Disco "Headphone Disco" with Ice Cream, Sunscreen, and Sunshade

14:00 - 16:00 Uhr 

Ort: Schloßberg

Mit: DopamineJockeys (Lily b2b [to:n]), Radio T

Party in a completely different way and without a big setup! For the "Silent Disco," you'll receive headphones and the music will go directly into your ears. You can choose which music you want to dance to. The Schloßberg will become your dance floor. For cooling down, there will be ice popsicles and small paddling pools.

Family-friendly, participatory, accessible, bilingual, WC

2024-06-12 11.45.33.jpg

The Pop-Up Metropolis

15:00 - 19:00 Uhr 

Ort: Schloßberg

Chemnitz with a cosmopolitan flair, what would that look like? You can experience it in our POP-Up Metropolis! Various activities await you, offering something for everyone: Caricature drawing, musicians, a photo booth, the "Schloßberg View Photo Spot", pantomime, boules and punch, a Chemnitz souvenir shop with unconventional merchandise, and much more.

Family-friendly, accessible, participatory, bilingual, WC

Foto: Tim Plagemann

2024-05-15 08.37.22.jpg

Foto: Chris Münster

Acoustic Journey to Outer Space

15:00 Uhr

Ort: Küchwaldwiese


Das EX:IN | IN:EX creates an acoustic expedition through the cosmos using experimental live samplings, tape collages, and site-specific improvisations. We dive into a fusion of sounds and cosmos.


Theater Tour: "Flamingos in Schloßchemnitz"

20:00 - 22:00 Uhr 

Startpunkt: Schloßberg (am Festivalzentrum)

"The Incredibles" are searching for comedy and drama in everyday situations. With short improvisational sketches, the group leads us from Schloßberg to Küchwaldbühne, animating small niches along the way. As a finale, there's a flashlight tour through Küchwaldbühne.

Family-friendly, accessible, participatory.

Foto: Tim Plagemann

Group 23.png

Vortrag "Sorgestrukturen im Viertel" 

18:00 - 20:00 Uhr 

Ort: Odradek, Leipziger Straße 3

Mit: "Sorge ins Parkcenter"

The everyday care work deserves to be appreciated, supported, and radically redistributed! An important starting point for this are care centers in community-owned spaces in our neighborhoods. Instead of vacant shopping malls, demolition, or more offices, the campaign "Bringing Care to ParkCenter" from Berlin-Treptow calls for locally accessible services and community-oriented uses – what people really need!

Foto: Bordsteinlobby e.V.


Club New Chemnitz 

ab 21 Uhr 

Ort: Zukunft, Leipziger Straße 1

Veranstaltet von: Kukaye Moto Culture Center e.V. in Kooperation mit dem Zukunft e.V., Band: Abeneko & The Positive Mind

"Club New Chemnitz" is a place for gathering and live music. Join us for live bands, DJs, and music sessions featuring a variety of musical vibes such as Bolingo, Kunyumba styles, Swahili roots, Jamrock Reggae, and more. We celebrate the joy of music and community! Please note: admission fee applies.

Foto: Tim Plagemann

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